The Theory of Body Integration


Body Integration is about You changing Your mind about your Relationship with your Body. If you are willing to consider that you have areas for improvement in the relationship you have with your body, The Theory of Body Integration can help you re-evaluate. At its basis, this theory’s only focus is on facilitating a constant process of refining your body, in relation to the situation in which you find yourself. Having compassion for yourself is a pre-requisite.

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For me, this theory is derived from over 20 years of pursuing all angles of exercise. From weight training routines for football; to military physical training programs; to yoga, tai chi, martial arts, and various other angles.

In addition to that, this theory has seen me through a career ending (both football and military career) injury to my L-5 vertebrae in my early 20’s; to assisting in the recovery of a near fatal motorcycle accident  in my early 30’s that resulted in me being stationary in a hospital bed for 6 weeks. To now, where I find myself being able to play basketball once again, as well as ride horses, run, and do any sort of activity I desire.

Knowing My Body is the single most important aspect of this philosophy. If you’re not in control of your movement, what is? Default programming? Habits? Other people’s opinions?

Its time to take your fitness paradigm to a whole new depth of integration! Let YOUR body be the teacher.

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