Joy Without Condition

If you understand the importance of cultivating the space of joy inside you, without the need for external justification — you know more is possible for this world.

The inverse of conditionless joy…

Chronic unhappiness!

The only way to rise out of a state of being chronically unhappy is to shoulder the responsibility of developing your own internal state that is unshakably delivered from the chaos of the world around you.

This path is Not a path of forcing others to a peaceful and subdued state of existing. This path is entirely surmised by the pre-requisite that your internal equilibrium does not, in any way, depend on the state of the world, nor does it depend on any other person.

Only through cultivating an internal space of equanimity, requiring a tenacity to face everything, and avoid nothing will you enter into your God-hood.

Expect challenges….

In the challenges you will come to face all the ways in which you lack trust.

The key is to trust in life…

Trust in yourself…

And most importantly, trust in the fact of your existence.

Let’s be clear about how you’ve arrived here. If you’re reading these words, you have in some way followed a click-stream that has navigated you to these words. It is not by coincidence that you have found yourself here.

And if the above rhetoric has not dissuaded you from clicking away… take note of this fact… in yourself.

Notice yourself…

If you have felt a calling, to rise into that which is more than the mediocrity spun by the narratives of the world, you have found yourself at decision point. Here. Now.

Proceed forward only at the behest of your own choosing. Do not delude yourself into thinking that you are pawn in someone’s game of charade. You have more control over your situation than you may realize. Now is the time that you step fully into your power.

Childhood is over!

Join Me in helping the world evolve… by evolving yourself!

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